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Jonatan Martin

Data Analyst with a background in photography and video

Excel | SQL | Python | Tableau | Power BI 

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Data from Barcelona’s population, demographics, migration and birth/death rates, analysing the impact of the global events that shaped its trends.

Assessment of the U.S. wind turbine market for a fictional clean energy private equity firm. So far, their investments have been in U.S. hydropower and now they are thinking about investing in U.S. wind power.

A visual story from the analysis of the 21st century US presidential elections for the online version of a fictional magazine. 

Analysis to help Kickstarter customers create more successful crowdfunding campaigns, choosing the right goal, category, and timing.

Analysis of the official UK Gender Pay Gap data, using SQL for extraction and analysis. PDF document attached.

About me


I am a driven and highly enthusiastic Data Analyst, trained at the General Assembly, obsessed with information and patterns and how the processing and presentation of data can facilitate organisational change for good.


Before my career change, I spent most of my professional life as a self-employed professional photographer and filmmaker, with clients from a diverse range of industries including real estate, corporate events, music and food.


Technically literate, I blend data harvesting and manipulation skills with visualisation and graphic presentation skills from both industries to produce outstanding, accessible presentations. I have a particular interest in highlighting the way our daily lives and actions affect the natural world.





Man in the mountains


I feel really connected to the natural world, so I enjoy anything that can bring me close to it, like climbing, hiking and cycling.  I have travelled to many parts of the world to find the best hiking routes and I am an enthusiastic member of a queer cycling club. 

Sorry Board Game

Board Games

The perfect hobby for a city dweller, meeting with friends at home or a local London meetup to challenge other gamers.

Making the Dough

Cooking & Baking

This is very relaxing and therapeutic for me. As someone who has been gluten and dairy free for many years, I love discovering new recipes that I can adapt.  The chemistry behind cooking fascinates me and I have fun creating and tasting the results ;)



"Jonatan has the right tools to be an excellent data analyst. He is constantly curious, asking many questions and he grapples with problems to get to a real level of understanding. I had the pleasure of teaching him and recommend him as an asset to any team."

Shaheed Ismail, Educator at General Assembly


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United Kingdom

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